It was to be a parley between brothers, a chance for them to come together and speak their minds, explain their own point of view, save their battle scarred family. The older brother came in first. His big hands were clenched in anger, his eyes were blazing fiercely, his jaw was set, and his... Continue Reading →



To my beautiful, doe eyed sister. The sister that no-one notices, the one who sits quietly in the corner, who tries to fit into the conversation, but is miles behind and eons ahead of the minds of those around her. She tries, at times, to understand what is going on, how they think, and why... Continue Reading →

The Crush

He is warmth and laughter and muscles and blonde hair and a smile that will make your knees go weak. He is the reason that I get the butterflies in my stomach, the reason I cannot eat. He is hot coffee and a sexy tattoo and long legs and a no-nonsense haircut. He is the... Continue Reading →

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