A Day on the Farm

You wake up to the smell of sausage and eggs, and run downstairs to enjoy breakfast. Your dad has been up for a while, and the milk bucket is steaming on the floor. After breakfast you head outside to do the morning chores as your youngest sister clears the table and your dad reads the... Continue Reading →


Armchair Adventurist

Frances Hodgson Burnett's "The Secret Garden," Tolkien's "The Hobbit," and Richard Adams' "Watership Down" were the books that I loved as a child, and I have read them over and over until I know them by heart, yet in some way they always surprise me with new revelations that make me love them even more.... Continue Reading →

The Necktie

  He was nervously standing before the mirror, tugging at his necktie. His hands, which could hoe a field, work magic on an unwilling motor, and smooth tears from a child's eyes, were too clumsy and big for this task. I stood behind him and off to the side where he couldn't see me in... Continue Reading →

The Crush

He is warmth and laughter and muscles and blonde hair and a smile that will make your knees go weak. He is the reason that I get the butterflies in my stomach, the reason I cannot eat. He is hot coffee and a sexy tattoo and long legs and a no-nonsense haircut. He is the... Continue Reading →

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