The Necktie

  He was nervously standing before the mirror, tugging at his necktie. His hands, which could hoe a field, work magic on an unwilling motor, and smooth tears from a child's eyes, were too clumsy and big for this task. I stood behind him and off to the side where he couldn't see me in... Continue Reading →



  My Pap was a man who would 'ruminate' out loud, remembering the 'good old days' and all the adventures and hardships that they provided. His eyes would twinkle as he told of the pranks he would play on the neighbors, the pretty girls he knew in the Marines, how he had found the farm... Continue Reading →


  You are marching with your sisters, your mind occupied with the job at hand. The ground under your feet is warm, the terrain rough, but you have become accustomed to this since your first mission. The sun warms your armor, and it seems like you have been marching for eons. You hope that the... Continue Reading →


  It was to be a parley between brothers, a chance for them to come together and speak their minds, explain their own point of view, save their battle scarred family. The older brother came in first. His big hands were clenched in anger, his eyes were blazing fiercely, his jaw was set, and his... Continue Reading →

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