Look up! No, not at the rooftop, higher! Tilt your head all the way back, and gaze at the sky. How long has it been since you actually looked at the sky? It’s usually some shade of blue, but it’s never the same. It changes its color with the seasons, the time of the day, the weather…we are all looking at the same sky, but it is putting on a different face for each of us. If it has clouds, or birds, or maybe, if you’re really lucky, a rainbow, so much the better! If you can only see a sliver of it above the buildings around you, take the time to appreciate its hue. Morning and evening are when the sky really tries to grab your attention; as the sun and clouds work together to create a pink, orange, red, purple, grey, green mass of color for only a few moments of your viewing pleasure. I happen to enjoy the nighttime the most; the constellations and moon dot the pitch blackness of a sleepy sky. Look up!

Look down! Don’t just see the dirt, or the pavement, or the piece of ABC gum some goof left behind; see the colors, the textures, and the beauty. The ground is even more diverse than the sky. Some might see deep green grass or white sand; many others will see a grey sidewalk and cobblestones. No matter, Look down. There’s always something of interest to see. The ground is the home of most of God’s creatures, it is the canvas that Mother Nature changes constantly. Humans, more often than not, mar the beauty of the ground, but look down and see it. Even a sidewalk has texture, and the longer that you look at it the more interesting it appears. Try it!  Grass, if you would put your face close to it, is alive with busy insects of all types, and if you are quiet and very, very still you will see, and maybe even hear, them as they bustle about. Look down!

Look around! I have no idea what you are looking at, but actually look at it anyway. Right now I see the four walls of my office; what do you see? If I look long enough, I see the shadows from the window behind me dance on the wall, I notice the brush marks that the painters left behind when they were here so many years ago, and I see the pattern in the wood of the door beside me. To my right is a picture of my dog, who will be waiting for me when I get home, and to my left is, well, a boring wall, which I shall ignore. Chances are good that if you would just look around, you would have a much more interesting view than I, so try it. Look Around!

Maybe I need to buy a television, lol



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