Armchair Adventurist II

Megan Whalen Turner’s book ,”The Thief” offers a great hour or so of reading, It has adventure, a hint of romance, folklore, betrayal, swords, a maze…all of the things that make up a really entertaining story. The hero is a sarcastic, whiny child who is forced to do all of the things that he hates…ride a horse, take a bath, be polite…and by the end of the book you will discover that he, and all of his comrades, are so much more than they appear.

I discovered this story when I was in my early teens, and I introduced the characters to my sister, who has never enjoyed reading but couldn’t make herself put this particular book down! The main reason that I loved the book was that I could never predict what was going to come next. As soon as I thought I had a character figured out, they would completely surprise me. In this way Turner has managed to capture the many faces and impulses of ‘real people.’ (I say ‘real people’ because many of my fellow avid readers, and myself, often feel that the storybook characters are, at least for a moment, real) How often has my best friend revealed something about herself that totally shocked me! How many times have I seen someone that I had established notions about do something that completely contradicted everything I previously believed?

I can’t say that this book had as much of an impact on me as the other one’s I have previously mentioned, but I can say that it was an incredibly entertaining story, full of character development and beautiful themes, and that I heartily recommend it (and its two sequels) to anyone.

(Have you ever read “The Thief“? If so, what did you think of it?)


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